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Windows Is Not Linux or Linux Is Not Windows? Here is a long justification I ran across that argues that the real problem with Linux adoption is that it is different from Windows. In other words people coming from Windows to Linux just have the wrong expectations. I don't quite buy the argument which I feel boils down to "the problem is the users". Before you start insisting that something about Linux needs fixing, there's one important question to ask: "Do experienced users have a problem with this?" If the answer is "No", then the problem is on your end. If other people can use it successfully, why can't you? Have you taken the time to learn how to use it? Or did you just expect it to work for you right from the word 'Go'? The author also asserts that the differences between Windows and Linux are much like the differences between a car and a motorcycle. They are not sim... (more)

Rebuffing Microsoft's Spin About Linux Management

Over the last few years, we've seen and heard some pretty visceral reactions from the Linux community to Microsoft-funded reports about Linux. Rightfully so - some of the "facts" in Microsoft's "Get the Facts" campaign have been outright false and most have been misleading at the very least. Perhaps no studies have drawn more ire from the Linux community than the total cost of ownership ("TCO") studies by Laura DiDio at the Yankee Group and the community also had a strong collective outcry against some very one-sided Microsoft "facts" about Linux security. But one particular foca... (more)

University of North Carolina at Charlotte Capitalizes on More Bang for Fewer Bucks

For the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNCC), using technology to further the education of its 21,000 graduate and undergraduate students is nothing new. In 1983, UNCC became the first U.S. university to electronically categorize its library, and for the past 10 years the school has offered numerous degree programs online. A benefit of this commitment to technology is that members of the entire campus stays closely connected to each other and to the community-at-large. UNCC's 49er Express portal lets students access course information, grades, registration, financia... (more)

Fujitsu Siemens Simplifies the Complexities of Software Testing

Customers have high expectations that their software solutions have been stress-tested thoroughly in advance for every conceivable combination of events that might occur in production and that vendors who put out buggy products are exposed quickly. Unfortunately, inadequate infrastructure for software testing is said to cost approximately $59.5 billion annually, according to a 2002 study, "The Economic Impacts of Inadequate Infrastructure for Software Testing," conducted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. This cost reflects, in part, the extra resources expen... (more) Feature: Novell OES, The Leading Linux Server Product vs. Windows 2003, Server

As Linux continues to make significant inroads into the data center, I think it's important to look under the hood of a leading Linux server product and compare it to its rival, Microsoft. Whether I'm looking to buy a car, a stereo, or even a refrigerator, I've always loved comparison shopping. That said, I want to drill down feature by feature and directly compare Novell Open Enterprise Server (OES) with Windows 2003 Server. Before continuing, it should be noted that Windows Server 2003 comes in four different flavors (not including 64-bit editions): Web Edition, Standard Editi... (more)