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As with all big conferences, LinuxWorld Boston earlier this year had a few broad themes that you couldn't help be exposed to just by walking the floor. One that caught me by surprise was the excitement around thin client Linux. At first I attributed it to a combination of the big vendors pushing blade computing and the malaise that had developed around desktop Linux. For the past few years the battle cry had been "This is the year of Linux on the desktop." Linus Torvalds himself made the assertion in a few interviews. Well...Windows hasn't been crushed in an avalanche of Linux adoption on the desktop. I personally believe that desktop Linux is going to be less of an avalanche and more like the buildup of sand on the beach - gradual, constant, and imperceptible to the casual onlooker. The lack of widespread adoption however had people like Jeremy White of Codeweavers... (more)

Migrating File and Print Services from Windows to Linux

Most organizations provide their users with the ability to print, store, and access files on network servers. Accessing and saving files to network drives and printing to shared network printers is probably something administrators don't spend much time thinking about unless it's to help users install print drivers or assist them in accessing shared network directories. If your organization has moved to Linux in the data center (or in some of your business workgroups), migrating Windows file and print services to Linux is a good next step. Obviously, before embarking on a migratio... (more)

Should Open Source Applications Run On Windows?

There's been some interesting debate in the Open Source community regarding Open Source applications that run both on Linux and Windows. One camp feels most users select an operating system based on its available applications. If the applications people want are on Windows, they will tend to stick with Windows. Conversely, if the applications they want are only on Linux, they will eventually end up using Linux. By porting free software to Windows one increases the valuable applications on that platform. If Windows has Microsoft applications plus a stable of free software apps whi... (more) Feature: Novell OES, The Leading Linux Server Product vs. Windows 2003, Server

As Linux continues to make significant inroads into the data center, I think it's important to look under the hood of a leading Linux server product and compare it to its rival, Microsoft. Whether I'm looking to buy a car, a stereo, or even a refrigerator, I've always loved comparison shopping. That said, I want to drill down feature by feature and directly compare Novell Open Enterprise Server (OES) with Windows 2003 Server. Before continuing, it should be noted that Windows Server 2003 comes in four different flavors (not including 64-bit editions): Web Edition, Standard Editi... (more)

How to Migrate from Microsoft IIS Web Server to Apache on Linux

In Part 1 (Why Are You Waiting?, September 2004 issue), I discussed the business and technical considerations in migrating Microsoft IIS Web servers to Apache on Linux as well as the overwhelming cost, security, and stability benefits of making the move. Based on the tremendous feedback I've gotten, it appears many LinuxWorld readers agree with me (evidently I'm preaching to the choir). In Part 2, I'll address those who've decided that migrating to Apache on Linux is the way to go for their organization. Now that the decision has been made, how do you make it a reality? Well, I'... (more)